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Home Health Therapy Software

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Looking For Home Health Therapy Software?

Contract Home Health Therapy Software is providing home health therapy software to aid in documentation, patient scheduling, billing & payroll. Our system is sure to streamline the delivery of documentation from your contract therapy company and for your multiple nursing companies which you work for... Since everything is digital, with a few clicks of the buttons - patient documentation can be ready to print. No more faxing, mailing or hand-delivering notes; you can give nursing companies their own portal to manage their patients, manage users and communicate freely with therapists within your system.

Top Ten Reasons To Use Home Health Therapy Software

1. No more waiting on notes to be mailed, faxed or delivered.

2. All digital documentation done on location, even signatures.

3. Payroll, Billing & Scheduling tied together for accuracy.

4. New referrals without answering a phone or a fax machine.

5. Nursing Companies can view/print notes at any time.

6. 100% legible documentation - no more guessing due to handwriting!

7. Up-to-date stats on visits per day, per therapist & more.

8. Customized look & feel - including your logo.

9. History of patients kept for as long as you need them.


Home Health Therapy Software offers an all in one software solution.