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Home Health Therapy Software

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Services Of Home Health Therapy Software

Home Health Therapy Software has finally brought home health therapy software documentation to the 21st century. No more pencil & paper... no more lost notes... and no more waiting weeks for notes. Our software allows for quick turn around on notes, online access to nursing companies that need to be able to view your patients' notes and so much more. We thrive on providing home health therapy software to contract home health therapy providers.

Below you can view some features of TherapySync:

Online Digital Documentation

Our software allows for home health therapists to digitally complete documentation in the home, which means no more delivery of paper notes. Once they are done, the home health company can login and print out notes at their leisure.

Invoicing, Payroll & Scheduling

Home Health Therapy Software combines the three most important aspects of your business - Invoicing, Payroll & Scheduling to ensure your numbers are correct across the board. Say good-bye to long nights.

Online Referrals

We live in a digital world and we have taken referrals to the digital world as well. We did away with the fax machine and moved the whole process online. You now can receive referrals online via your personalized website.

Personalized Login(s)

Every user created in your system will have a personalized login - specific to that user. Home Health Companies (Nurse Admin/Nurse/Nurse Managers), Therapists (PT/OT/ST) and Administrators have separate roles & levels of access.

Tools, Tools & More Tools

We have developed tools to help in everyday processes such as: Daily Discharges (use this list to contact the company of discharges), Phonebooks (Home Health Companies & Therapists) and Records Needing Attention (a tool to keep track of records that have not been updated in a week).

Check out the features of Home Health Therapy Software.